Additives and technology for meat processing industry. Best raw materials and ingredients, rich experience. In-depth market knowledge and long-term relationship with the client. Development of individual products.

About ADIT

Our company was founded in 1997 and is specialized in developing from technology and manufacturing additives and spice mixtures, specific for the meat-processing industry and has its own technological sales consultants with more than 20 years know-how in the international market. Our production plant is based on international standards. The demand on our employees is very high motivated and we are able to prepare for each of our costumers country specific tailor-made products.
Our goal is to continue securing our corporate existence as a trustfully business in the future.
Continuous development – improvement in quality comes from constant learning- and that includes learning from mistakes. Products and procedures undergo constant optimization in every area of the company, sustaining a dynamic process of development. Intensive training, professional specialists and further training programs secure our high qualification and productivity standards.

Our philosophy: “ADIT… your success”



Our experience and know-how work for your success!

Main Categories

our products divided into 10 main categories

Chopping agents

Spices and spice mixtures

Preservatives-shelf life enhancers

Emulsifiers and gelling agents

Aromas and flavor enhancers

Brine additives

Convenience products

Coloring agents

Raw sausages blends

Specialized additives